NYPD Begins Agency Search

The New York Police Department has launched an estimated $30 million creative and media review to help boost recruitment during the next five years.

According to the department’s RFP, the cli ent plans to spend $4-6 million per year on a campaign intended to drum up more applicants for the police eligibility test, which is given two or three times each year.

The NYPD currently creates its own recruitment ads, although it has used a variety of agencies and consultants in the past, said Mary Keating, deputy agency chief contracting officer for the NYPD.

“This is an open review; we haven’t got a list of agencies in mind,” Keating said. “Size is not necessarily a determining factor, as long as the agency can meet our needs in terms of producing quality creative work and providing a solid media planning and buying operation.”

The RFP may be obtained at the NYPD contract unit’s offices in Manhattan. RFPs are due back by June 19, with a decision expected by August. The contract runs from November 2002 through October 2007.

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the NYPD’s image has im proved tremendously, but that has not translated into greater numbers of applicants for the police exam, Keating said. The department needs a minimum of 50,000 applicants annually, and the numbers have remained flat at just less than 30,000, according to the RFP.

The NYPD wants its agency to stage special promotions and live events, as well as create TV, print, radio and online ads, Keat-ing said.