NYC Economic Development Corp Names Shops

NEW YORK — The New York City Economic Development Corporation has selected Edelman Worldwide, a communications company, and Company 39, a technology firm, to develop a Web site designed to disseminate information about Lower Manhattan’s recovery.

Together, the shops will be responsible for the creation, daily updating and promotion of the Web site, the New York City mayor’s office said. The companies are also charged with designing a monthly area-focused newsletter, a community outreach program and information packets for local businesses and their employees.

Pitching jointly, New York-based Edelman and the Manhattan and Denver offices of Company 39 won the job following a review of undisclosed agencies that began in April [IQ Daily Briefing, April 4].

Expected to launch in late summer, the informational campaign intends to address air quality, traffic and street conditions, rebuilding milestones, construction plans, area events and assistance programs in Lower Manhattan. It is aimed at the constituencies affected by the events of Sept. 11, including residents, businesses, tourists, those involved in redevelopment efforts, families of the victims and non-English speaking segments of the area, among others.

Funding is being provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency; the budget was undisclosed.

“With this information dissemination campaign, we will create a clearinghouse for the distribution of current news and updates generated by city, state and federal agencies and the private sector regarding Lower Manhattan to get the public what they need, when they need it,” said New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg in a statement.