NYC Broadest in Broadband

New York’s high number of multiple-unit apartment buildings seems to be serving a greater purpose than simply providing housing for urban dwellers. According to a new study, New York apartments can account for more potential users with high-speed Internet access than homes with single family units. In the report, by Milpitas, Calif.-based Nielsen NetRatings, the city that never sleeps had the highest percentage of at-home broadband users in the United States for the month of April 2001. In addition, high-speed Internet access across the country soared 134 percent in the past year. For advertisers, according to NetRatings, this means greater rich media possibilities. But what does it mean for urban apartment dwellers? At the very least, maybe, it means fewer clogged telephone lines.–Sid Ross

–A little more than 10 percent of the country’s broadband population lives in New York, 5.9 percent in Los Angeles and 5.8 percent in San Francisco and the surrounding “high tech” area.

–6.8 million users accessed the Web from home using a cable modem, DSL, ISDN or LAN connection in April 2000. This number jumped to almost 16 million users in April 2001.

Source: Nielsen NetRatings, April 2001 U.S. At-Home Data