N.Y. Shop Studies Luxe

A new proprietary study from Ziccardi & Partners examining key affluent segments of the population has helped the shop land several new accounts.

The New York-based agency worked with research firm Greenfield Online on the Audience Segmentation Profile, surveying 5,000 buyers of luxury goods and services. The shop also conducted interviews with 250 lux ury consumers, researching trends and reportage relating to them.

The two companies used the study’s findings to devise several target able market segments, among them “power children” (13- to 34-year-olds with dot-com money to spend) and “Grey Pouponers,” (35 years old and up with old money and conservative values). Shop president and CEO Don Ziccardi said the study’s results will apply to a variety of services, including crea -tive work, relationship marketing and direct marketing.

The study played a part in three of Ziccardi’s recent account wins: Talk Media unit Talk Miramax Books, Family Circle magazine and Totowa, N.J.-based clothing retailer Big M Corp., which owns Annie Sez and Mandee. The accounts, which include both creative and media duties, are worth a combined $5 million.

“Each one of these clients is try ing to sell to audiences represented in the profile,” Ziccardi said. “Our segmentation impressed them in terms of our ability to understand the new … luxury market, which has wid ened substantially as consumers have gotten wealthier.”

Peg Farrell, publisher of New York-based Gruner + Jahr’s Family Circle, agreed. “We think the taste level of the American woman has been raised, and affluence has gone more mainstream,” she said. “We felt that [Ziccardi] understood that market and understood us, so we went forward.”

Farrell noted that the shop’s demographic know ledge was also important. “People are shopping outside demographic profiles, and we felt Ziccardi understood that,” she said.

Talk Media president Ron Galotti tapped Ziccardi for similar reasons. “We reach a wide range of consumers and really wanted an agency that had that broad depth of experience and could market to the luxury market,” he said. “We needed that expertise.”

Ads for Family Circle are set to break next month. New work for Annie Sez and Mandee will break in June. Ads for New York-based Talk Miramax Books are due this summer.