The Numbers Game

There’s nothing especially newsworthy about the fact that nearly half of the U.S. adult population has made at least one purchase online. But it might help explain a new study that shows a 212 percent surge in traffic to the official site for the California State Lottery. After all, online shoppers need to find all of that disposable cash somewhere, why not through the luck of the draw?

For the week ending June 24, according to Milpitas, Calif.-based Nielsen NetRatings, almost 450,000 unique visitors logged onto, and 66 percent of them went to the winning numbers page.

To put this in perspective: In April, when NASA launched the Endeavor space shuttle, a little more than a half million at-work visitors logged onto One assumes that the site’s visitors were spread across the country; the comparable California lottery visitor numbers, however, are no doubt from the Golden State alone. Show me the money, indeed.

Data Points
–The Calif. state lottery jackpot for the week ending June 24 was a record-breaking $141 million. Currently the jackpot is at $7 million.

–For the week ending June 24, men accounted for 57 percent of’s visitors.

Source: Nielsen NetRatings