Nothing to bitch about

Las Vegas agency R&R Partners went the provocative route with an ad that calls attention to the problem of unwanted dogs and cats.

The shop knew it was risky, especially in Utah, where the ads would appear, but went to the core issue anyway: dogs having sex. One of several ads it created for the client shows a cute little pooch and carries the caption: “They call me Skippy, but I’m a bitch’s worst nightmare.”

The point, of course, is that little Skippy can bring unwanted puppies into the world. Female dogs—or “bitches,” if you prefer—are at risk when Skippy steps out.

R&R president Tim Williams said the project was a labor of love. Asked why he used the “B” word, he immediately noted that dog breeders use it all the time.

Still, the client—nonprofit organization No Homeless Pets in Utah—was bracing for howls of protest. “They were surprised that there was no backlash,” Williams said. “We needed to break through and get the message across: We already have enough cats and dogs.”