A new business-to-business ad created by Maier Advertising for Risdon-AMS is nothing like the shop’s usual promotions for industrial and high-tech companies.
To highlight Risdon-made cosmetic components for Victoria’s Secret, the shop glued mascara and lipstick applicators to a model wearing a bright-red bra and panties.
The ad (shown below) displays the bare midsection of the model sporting the Risdon products with the headline, “The hottest new Victoria’s Secret models from Risdon-AMS.”
Risdon’s association with the lingerie chain gave the Farmington, Conn., shop the idea to throw a spicy ad in the mix with more traditional ads for the cosmetic container company.
“Victoria’s Secret pushes the edge, so we thought, ‘Why not reach that edge as well,’ ” said Maier account executive Luke Giroux.
The glued-on cosmetic products came off the model’s bare stomach painlessly with a little soap and water.
The ad will appear in Women’s Wear Daily and Cosmetic/Personal Care Packaging magazine. –Lauren Wile