Not jolly, just scary

Santa’s elves have long enjoyed an image as happy, industrious little guys. But that may change this week with two new TV spots for Wherehouse Music.

Created by Colby & Partners, the ads cast the elves as evil, home-invading stalkers who would rather create menace than build toys.

The spots, which tout a buy-three-get-one-free holiday deal on CDs and DVDs, have the feel of a horror movie, with dark lighting and eerie sound effects. In one, a young man wakes up horrified to find an elf perched on his chest. In the second, a young woman home alone fears something is amiss. She pulls aside the curtain to find hun dreds of elves in her yard.

“Our target audience is 18-34-year-old men, and it’s hard to get their attention, particularly this time of year,” said Rick Colby, executive creative director on the spots. “We were just trying to break through all the Christmas stuff. No, these are not happy, jolly spots, but that’s the whole point.”