Nostalgic Tchotchkes to Luxury Juggernaut; 40 Years of Marketing Wisdom: Monday’s First Things First

Plus, the outlook for Halloween

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How CEO Gary Friedman Built Restoration Hardware Into RH, a Luxury-Brand Juggernaut

On the cover of the latest issue of Adweek, you’ll find Gary Friedman, CEO of RH, formerly Restoration Hardware. While many brands in the category have been scrambling to avoid bankruptcy, RH has completely redefined itself. The transformation involved reinventing itself and as a luxury brand, opening new stores known as “galleries” and expanding into the travel and residential real estate markets—all of which blend home, store and hospitality. In the process, Friedman managed to turn the struggling retailer’s fate around: The brand’s revenue managed to grow despite the pandemic, and its stock price has multiplied more than 15 times over the past eight years.

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Also in the latest issue of Adweek:

Trump Says He Has Given the TikTok Deal With Oracle and Walmart His ‘Blessing’

After saying he’d halt new downloads of TikTok after Sunday late last week unless parent company ByteDance reached a sale, President Trump said Saturday that he gave a deal with Oracle and Walmart his “blessing.” The deal isn’t an outright sale, but a partnership with Oracle and Walmart to become a U.S. company. The move replaces a bid by Microsoft to acquire the company’s operations in the country.

Expanding in the U.S.: TikTok also said that it would build out its American operations, bringing 25,000 jobs across the country.

Marketing Legend Antonio Lucio Shares 40 Years of Wisdom on the Eve of His Retirement

In what proved to be perhaps the most powerful and inspiring moment of Brandweek, marketing veteran Antonio Lucio—who’s led marketing at Facebook, HP, Visa, Kraft and PepsiCo—joined us on his last day in the industry to share his lessons learned. Every moment of his presentation was informative, heart-rending and wise beyond all expectations. Some of his most earnest and emotional thoughts included advice around leading people with humanity and empathy, and the importance of self-care under the weight of leadership. 

Experience Lucio’s moving sendoff in its entirety.

More highlights from the final days of Brandweek:

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