Norton Is ‘Addicted’ for Nike+

NEW YORK Wieden + Kennedy just officially lost its U.S. Nike running shoe business to Crispin Porter + Bogusky. But this spot from Wieden’s Amsterdam office for Nike+, breaking today, eloquently captures the passion for running in classic Wieden style. The 60-second spot, “Addicted,” directed by MJZ’s Dante Ariole, provides insight into the passion that drives a runner with a voiceover provided by actor Edward Norton and moody visuals shot in New York, Prague and Marseille, France. As images of the runner’s path stream by, Norton tells viewers, “I am addicted,” and the electronic voice of the Apple device, barely audible, tells the runner his workout has begun. “I’ve collected footsteps before dawn, seen places that I never knew existed, run to the moon and back . . . been a rabbit for the neighborhood dogs . . . obeyed the voices in my head,” he says. “Let music carry me when I couldn’t.” The runner finally appears as the spot draws to an end, and the voiceover explains he’s measured himself in meters, kilometers and finally “character” as he completes his run. The tagline: “Run like you’ve never run before.”