Northeast Dairies in Market Battle

DDB Dallas Contributes Radio, In-Store Ammo for Garelick Farms
BOSTON-New England’s top two dairy producers-Garelick Farms and H.P. Hood-have escalated the milk wars, unfurling new ad campaigns touting product introductions.
Garelick Farms of Franklin, Mass., is throwing media dollars behind its single-serve drinks with ads from DDB Dallas. Hood in Chelsea, Mass., introduces its Simply Smart milk in a series of television and radio commercials created by Partners & Simons of Boston.
DDB, agency for Garelick Farms’ parent company, Suiza Foods, also located in Dallas, has launched radio and in-store promotional materials touting the client’s new lines of single-serve juice and milk-flavored drinks.
Garelick Farms’ All-Natural Singles, packaged to fit in automobile cupholders, is available in seven flavors, including kiwi-strawberry, orange-mango, iced tea and grape.
Low-fat, milk-based singles come in new flavors such as Colossal Coffee, Awesome Strawberry-Banana and Javacino, as well as the more mundane chocolate and whole-milk varieties.
Garelick’s lines, introduced last year, are being supported on the Boston Red Sox radio network and elsewhere through mid-July.
In-store sampling is scheduled to take place through the summer and into fall.
Humorous radio commercials introduce a character named Larry Kliest, identified as the head of new products at Garelick Farms. Kliest is inspired to create the new single-serve portions after discovering a microscopic city of people while watering his spice garden.
He notes that the new product size fits nicely in car cupholders.
The tagline: “Garelick Farms’ All-Natural Singles. A man. A dream. A plastic bottle.”
Hood’s new “Answer Mom” appears in advertising as well as on the company’s Web site to educate consumers about the health benefits of dairy. Ads also tout light-blocking bottles and other products while providing “a venue for consumers to participate in a real dialogue” with the company, said Jeffrey Stephen, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Hood.
Simply Smart contains 20 percent more calcium and 25 percent more protein than regular milk.