North Shore Startup Casts Sights on Web

By Sarah Jones

BOSTON–Four executives who met and worked at Mill House McCabe have started a rival promotional marketing firm in the North Shore community of Marblehead, Mass.

Promosis, which opened its doors last month, was founded by Peter Barnet, who serves as president, creative director John Fogle, account services manager Pamela Hilton, and director of operations Harry Janock.

‘Our role is supporting and designing promotions that support and build traffic (on the Web),’ said Barnet, formerly vice president at Mill House McCabe.

The four-person agency is currently handling Web-related projects for five clients: Planet Direct, an information services division of Andover, Mass.-based CMG; T.J. Maxx and HomeGoods, both in Framingham, Mass.; the Massachusetts Department of Public Health; and a fifth, undisclosed client.

Promosis is creating a sales promotion piece for a redesigned site of Planet Direct, a client of Mullen in Wenham, Mass.

‘We do see a big opportunity and a big need to focus the attention of the browsers,’ Fogle explained. ‘There’s a lot of stuff going on and people need to know where to look and where to go next. For clients, the problem is how to get people to go to their Web site.’

Mill House McCabe has filled the vacancies, according to agency president Jackie McCabe, who said ‘things are back to normal.’

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