Nook “My Story”

Now that the iPad has arrived, it’s no surprise that the usually advertising averse Barnes & Noble has taken to TV with ads for the Nook. The commercial, showing a girl going through various stages of life while reading in a bookstore aisle, asks viewers to “experience the only e-book reader from the bookstore that you grew up with.”  Is that lifelong brand attachment enough to entice Apple fans who have been brand devotees since 1984 or those who grew up with Sony TVs to give the Nook a whirl? The ad shares a woman’s experience with her voiceover describing seminal moments where she found a Nook in the store to lose herself in reading, first running away from home at 7 to escape in “Where the Wild Things Are,” later to read Judy Blume as a teen and finally “What to Expect When You Are Expecting” as an expectant mom. The spot ends with her browsing the electronic selections on her device while on a beach and a male voiceover inviting viewers to use the product to “take your story wherever you want it to go.” But in the end, the spot seems to do more to remind us of what is lost when using the product — the delight of bookstore browsing — than what is gained — portability and an entire collection instantly available at your fingertips. –Eleftheria Parpis