No, We Don’t Yahoo!

The last people Yahoo! would want to upset are college students. Uninhibited spenders and surfers extraordinaire, they’re among the few great friends of dot-coms in these troubled times.

And yet collegians nationwide let their feelings be known last week about an ad touting Yahoo! Messenger. Inserted as a flier in college papers, the ad promoted the benefits of the instant messaging service by offering a sample chat students could have on it. In this case, the students were “Stoney” and “Bob,” and the conversation went like this: “Stoney—get over here quick! She’s about to take her top off. —Bob.”

“I was surprised that anybody in this day and age would find it appropriate to use that type of advertising, especially after considering sexual harassment issues on college campuses,” Ohio University junior Kristin Tucker, president of the Feminist Majority on campus, told the student newspaper, The Post. “I think it was highly inappropriate.”

Reached at the paper’s offices, Post managing editor Kristin Gordon said the editorial team didn’t see the ad before it ran, and pulled it after the first day. No widespread rioting was reported.

Jackson Holtz, a Yahoo! spokesman, admitted that the ad was meant to be “edgy.” But seeing the error of its ways, Yahoo! has pulled the ad from papers nationwide. CORBISJAMAL WILSON/NEWSCOM