No Shocker: Monroe Touts Changes

DETROIT Monroe, the brand of vehicle shock absorbers and struts, has launched a new campaign with billboards and print ads that picture a pair of tighty-whiteys and a shock absorber side-by-side.

Over the underwear, the copy reads, “Change daily,” and over the shock, text advises, “Change every 50,000 miles.”

The campaign via Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee, breaks this month with print ads in consumer magazines including Popular Science, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life and Car and Driver.

The media buy also includes Web site ads that will drive consumers to a microsite,, which advises motorists how to detect shock and strut wear and directs them to Monroe dealers.

Radio spots, tagged “Change really is good,” will support through partnerships with Premiere, CBS Radio and ESPN Radio.

The campaign is timed to begin with the advent of the warm-weather driving season and will run through the summer.

Tenneco, the parent company of the Monroe, Mich.-based client, spent about $5 million on ads for Monroe last year, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.