No Movie Deal Yet

Turkel Schwartz & Partners of Miami has compiled its best work in an oversized display book titled Brain Darts ($40, Rockport Publishing).
“[Rockport] wanted to do a coffee-table kind of book about an advertising agency, and they thought [our] Brain Darts concept would be a great one to wrap it in,” said TS&P president Phil Schwartz.
In other words, the concept of Brain Darts is a brain dart itself, defined in the book’s forward as “finding the simplest, most powerful message that can talk to consumers in a way they’ll understand, appreciate, remember and act on.”
The book’s first printing run of 15,000 copies saw Turkel Schwartz & Partners purchase 1,000 as gifts for clients and friends as part of the agency’s 15th anniversary celebration.
The volume can be purchased through, where Schwartz noted “it has already been discounted to $28.”
– T.W. Siebert