No Loss In Value

With the financial markets in shambles, one might think the last thing brokers and bankers want to be reminded of is how much money they spend on cigars.
But New York shop McCaffery Ratner Gottlieb & Lane isn’t worried about the global nosedive–at least in terms of how it will affect its more than $1 million campaign for General Cigar Holdings’ Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection Cigars.
In the print-only effort, the shop paired the cigars with classical works of art meant to embody Macanudo’s vintage quality.
“If they’re going to spend $20 on a cigar, they’re going to continue to spend $20 on a cigar,” said Sheila McCaffery, partner and creative director. “They just may not buy the Roman head” featured in one of the ads.
The campaign breaks in fall editions of books such as Forbes, Fortune, Travel & Leisure Golf and Food & Wine.
Among the works of art displayed in the ads are a 525 B.C. Egyptian large bronze cat (shown here) and the famous 1895 Fabergƒ Rosebud Egg. –Justin Dini