No Kilt Required

The two teams working on a revamped Web site for The Famous Grouse blended scotch whiskey may have been an ocean apart, but it made little difference with today’s technology.
For the past three months, creative staffers at Decker, Glastonbury, Conn., have collaborated with Web programmers at Clearcut Communications, London, over the Internet for mutual client Highland Distillers, headquartered in Scotland.
Launching by Jan. 1, the redesigned site ( is a departure from the brand’s current site–basic informational pages with pictures of the company emblem (see below) scattered about, said Whitney Repp, North American regional director in Highland’s Farmington, Conn., offices.
The new site will have a true Scottish flavor without resorting to stereotypes, Repp said. “You won’t see bagpipes, short bread or ruddy-faced men.”
What visitors will see is a quirky tour through the fictitious Grouse Estate during which they can participate in activities such as virtual fly-fishing or learn about the history of the scotch. –Lauren Wiley