No doubt there have been cases in the past month

No doubt there have been cases in the past month of celebrities saying nice things about each other. Did those instances give you pleasure? Of course not. By contrast, the fracas between Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell brought joy—not very noble joy, but joy nonetheless—into the lives of millions of Americans. Much as we fawn on celebs these days, it’s worth bearing in mind that we get as much enjoyment from looking down on them. O’Donnell and Trump fill the latter role quite nicely. The chart below excerpts a Gallup poll, conducted earlier this month, that documents the degree of distaste those luminaries elicit from the general public. Trump’s overall numbers are propped up by a decent showing among men age 18-49, among whom his admirers slightly outnumbered his detractors (47 percent vs. 41 percent). He fared poorly among women age 50 and older, with 32 percent of them viewing him favorably and 56 percent unfavorably. O’Donnell scored best among women age 18-49, but even here, the positive vote lagged well behind the negative (40 percent vs. 51 percent). Men age 50 and older are highly averse to her: 18 percent regard her favorably and 73 percent unfavorably. That gives them something in common with women in their age cohort, among whom just 27 percent are pro-O’Donnell, while 62 percent are anti-O’Donnell.