No Contract for W&K, Jockey

PORTLAND, ORE. – Executives at Wieden & Kennedy here said last week that they had been unable to agree on a contract with Jockey International. The agency was awarded the Kenosha, Wis.-based underwear maker’s estimated $10-million account in late June following a review with undisclosed Chicago shops. Since then, both parties have been in negotiation on a long-term advertising contract.
‘It’s a shame to go through the effort to win an account and then not be able to put together a deal,’ said agency president Dan Wieden. ‘But we couldn’t come to terms on some significant details of the agreement.’
Jockey vp/advertising Terry Allen did not return calls at press time. It is unclear whether the account will go back into review.
W&K has told clients in Philadelphia that it will close shop there in late September. The office opened in 1991 to serve Subaru, which W&K will lose at year’s end. Client ESPN has not decided whether to stay with the agency. YM will shift to Portland. The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Orchestra couldn’t be reached.
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