The clock’s ticking, but the meter’s off.
On June 1, C.C. Rigg’s kicks off its third annual CreateAThon, a 24-hour creative services marathon benefiting “nonprofits with a social mission and no money,” said Catherine Ellis,
president of the Columbia, S.C., shop.
The project began when the 12-person agency, inundated with pro bono appeals,
decided to spend one day working gratis round-the-clock with its freelancers and vendors.
Projects range from letterhead and logos to brochures, billboards and broadcast public service announcements.
One of the dozens of nonprofits included in the marathon was the Greater Columbia
Literacy Council. It took away more than a clever tag (“Turning pages into possibilities”) and 20,000 bookmarks.
“We constantly struggle trying to stretch every dollar,” said GCLC president Debbie Yoho. “After a while that psychology gets to you. To be treated like a first-class customer with a $500,000 account is a shot in the arm.”
Interested South Carolina nonprofit organizations can call the agency at (803) 799-5972 to be considered for the CreateAThon. –Vincent Coppol