No Bull: Ads Intro Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Bank of America, which merged with Merrill Lynch during the height of the banking crisis in September, this week rolled out a print campaign and logo for the new entity, Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
The effort, via WPP’s The Brand Union, retains the identity for BofA, but icons related to the Merrill Lynch brand, most notably its bull mascot, have been scuttled.

Despite the firms’ recent troubles, which included public outcry over the acceptance of $20 billion of bailout money from the federal government, the ad copy plays up the reputations of both entities. “Our two top-tier firms are one financial powerhouse, offering you an unrivaled range of financial solutions,” it reads.
In a statement, Crispin Jameson, team leader and chief strategy officer for The Brand Union, said the new identity “symbolizes the forging together of two of the most recognized brands on the financial landscape to form a new powerhouse. And the advertising campaign articulates the degree to which the combined forces are already delivering beyond expectation.”