N.J. Diners Serve Tums’ Purposes

NEW YORK Director Jeff Preiss of Epoch Films made a study of New Jersey roadside diners for a new television spot for Tums.

The ad, created by Arnold in New York, showcases three different diners and lets workers talk about Tums.

Preiss, who calls himself a “diner enthusiast,” shot cooks and waitresses going about their everyday jobs. The spot ends with workers singing the Tums jingle. “Fast relief is our specialty,” the tagline, appears next to a shot of the product written on a diner bill.

“I had coffee in every single diner in New Jersey,” boasted Preiss, who, with his production team, selected the most filmable for the spot.

“There’s something really noble about celebrating the individualism of a communal place,” Preiss said. “This is something slightly endangered. Diners are so much about the meeting place.”

Preiss shot over one day, including the breakfast, lunch and dinner crowds at the diners.

The ad broke on network stations Aug. 1