Nissan Shuffle Shouldn’t Threaten C/D

LOS ANGELES – A change in command at Nissan Motor Corp. will result in a complete overhaul of the company’s marketing staff, sources said, but apparently Chiat/Day – for which Nissan and its sister brand, Infiniti, now represent over 70% of the agency’s California billings – is safe for the near term.
As expected, Thomas Mignanelli resigned as president of NMC last week. Bob Thomas, who had previously run the Nissan division, but who had fallen into Mignanelli’s shadow in the last two years, was named to succeed him.
Thomas has readied a new slate of top management due to be announced soon, perhaps this week.
Key changes include the naming of Brad Bradshaw, currently Infiniti ad manager, to head advertising for both Nissan and Infiniti. Infiniti general marketing manager Bob Paske will move to the human resources area. And Nissan general marketing manager Jules Clavadetscher is being given a new, though undisclosed, assignment.
Ad functions will no longer report to Nissan division head Earl Hesterberg and Infiniti chief William Bruce, sources said.
‘I think this change at the top is the tip of the iceberg in terms of a lot of change at Nissan,’ said George Petersen of AutoPacific Group Inc.
Nissan sales have begun to rebound on the strength of Altima, but the pressure on profits worldwide is expected to lead to a 10-20% staff reduction in the U.S.
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