Nissan Backs ‘Parenthood’ Premiere

Carmaker Nissan has struck a deal with NBC to be the exclusive sponsor of the premiere episode of the network’s new series Parenthood, debuting tonight at 10 p.m.

As part of the sponsorship, NBC and Nissan have co-created four custom ad pieces that will air during the program. The Nissan Altima will also be integrated into the premiere episode and throughout future episodes of the series.

The show will be presented with limited commercial interruptions and about half the normal amount of ads that typically air in prime time.

During the episode, Nissan will be featured in four custom ads designed to further engage the consumer throughout the commercial break. Two 60-second promotional spots will tie into the show’s marketing theme of “Parenthood Is,” connecting the Nissan Altima to the universal qualities of family life. Two other pieces will feature Parenthood cast members Peter Krause and Lauren Graham in an open and a close to the show welcoming and thanking viewers as well as Nissan. Nissan’s sponsorship of the premiere will be promoted on-air, online and in print.

Mike Pilot, president, sales and marketing at NBC Universal, said, “All of the elements of this campaign — from the sponsorship, to the custom ad spots to the in-show integrations — work together to help create a more meaningful connection between Nissan and our audience.”

Nissan’s media shop is OMD.