Nintendo Maps Strategy for $75 Million GameCube Launch

NEW YORK–Seven different TV commercials will begin to air next week in support of the Nov. 18 launch of Nintendo’s GameCube. Print ads will appear in more than 50 magazines, and included in the mix will be outdoor and online support.

Commercials will also air in theaters in November prior to such heavily anticipated movies as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Lord of the Rings. In addition, Nintendo has partnered with Dr. Pepper and Starz cable channel for holiday promotions.

On Friday, Nintendo begins a 12-city nationwide GameCube Club effort that will enable consumers to sample the platform. Each of the events will feature 32 GameCube play stations and temporarily convert vacant offices and other venues into DJ-hosted night clubs.

The entire launch campaign, per Leo Burnett, Chicago, has a $75 million price tag.