Nike “Turning Spanish”

Unpacking the imagery in this Nike spot reveals the spirited fun and flavor of the brand. English Premier League soccer star Fernando Torres, according to 72andSunny creative director Bryan Rowles, scored 33 goals in 47 games this past season for Liverpool. But, alas, England’s national team didn’t qualify for the current European Championship and Spanish native Torres — the tall blond strolling by the park at the end — is temporarily playing for Spain in Euro 2008. So the spot is about converting Torres’ fans in Liverpool to root for the Spaniards. Painting the town red is a reference to the team color of Liverpool FC. The Spanish version of “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” (one hopes) is a translation of Liverpool’s team song — sung at high volume by its fans during home matches. Rowles said the spot is also an experiment in hearing “what Spanish sounded like when spoken with a Liverpudlian accent.” –Gregory Solman