Nike Celebrates a Fourth Women’s World Cup for the U.S With a Stirring and Inspirational Ad

'Women will conquer more than just the soccer field'

The U.S. Women
Megan Rapinoe (r.) helped lead the U.S. Women's National Soccer team to a fourth World Cup. Nike

At the beginning of the Women’s World Cup in France, Nike, the sponsor of several teams in the tournament, launched an electrifying ad that featured some of the world’s top players and a powerful rallying cry: “Don’t change your dream. Change the world.”

Nike fired off a new ad shortly after the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) emerged victorious today in Lyon, France, winning their fourth World Cup championship topping the Netherlands 2-0.

The language in this new 60-second spot from Wieden + Kennedy Portland, while maintaining the spirit of Nike’s “Dream Crazier,” is more direct in what this championship means beyond women’s soccer. Titled “Never Stop Winning,” the ad touches on the fact that the USWNT could rightly claim to be the greatest ever. The film also celebrates the achievement and impact of the players off the field with simple messages including, “We will keep fighting not just to make history, but to change it forever” and “This team wins. Everyone wins.”

The spot, which kicks off with the team’s “I believe” chant, is filled with inspiration. But one line, in particular, stands out:

“A whole generation of girls and boys will go out and play and say things like, ‘I want to be like Megan Rapinoe when I grow up,'” in reference to one of the USWNT’s captains, and the tournament’s golden boot winner for the top goal scorer and golden ball winner as the top player. Rapinoe also made waves off the field, jousting with Donald Trump and his supporters.

Singling out Rapinoe in the ad shows Nike is, to some degree, walking the walk in supporting athletes’ beliefs. Indeed, it was Rapinoe who was among the first athletes to kneel during the U.S. national anthem in support Colin of Kaepernick.

@zanger Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.