Nike Aims to Reduce Waste With Nike Refurbished

It's the latest brand to jump into the red-hot resale market

Nike introduced Refurbished as part of its commitment to reducing waste.

Nike is introducing its own resale offering called Nike Refurbished as the already red-hot secondhand market for fashion and sneakers continues to heat up.

Top line

The global athletic footwear and apparel brand said Nike Refurbished is one of several solutions it is now offering to help reduce the company’s waste footprint.

The circular consumer program is part of the sustainability commitment Nike calls Move to Zero, which aims to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

Between the lines

According to the company, after a consumer returns a pair of shoes to Nike within the 60-day return window, the item is restored as closely as possible to new condition. The shoes are then resold at a discount, with the price based on footwear type and condition.

As a result, Nike Refurbished can extend the lifespan of footwear, whether the shoes have been gently worn for only a day or flawed due to a mistake in the manufacturing process.

The program will initially be available at 15 Nike stores in the U.S., with plans to expand during 2021 and beyond.

Products that don’t make the cut for Nike Refurbished will be donated to community partners.

Unwearable products, however, will be recycled via Nike Grind and turned into products ranging from furniture to flooring.

An important difference between Nike Refurbished and traditional resale, however, is the company’s focus in on items that have been returned within 60 days of purchase.

Bottom line

Nike Refurbished helps one of the most valuable brands on the planet retain its relevance with Gen Z and capitalize on the popularity of resale and sustainability, two of the biggest trends in retail.

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