Nielsen Monitor-Plus: U.S. Ad Growth Up 0.5% Over Last Year

By any measure, U.S. advertising slowed in first quarter. According to estimates from Nielsen Monitor-Plus, advertising was up a mere 0.5 percent compared to last year. The figures, released Monday (June 16), are comparable to those released last week by TNS Media Intelligence, which pegged growth at 0.6 percent.

Of the 17 media segments reported by Nielsen, only seven showed growth, led by national Sunday supplements, up 19.2 percent. While national Sunday supplements showed healthy growth, local Sunday supplements fared worse among the 17 media, down 13.5 percent.

TV performance was a mixed bag. Cable TV and African-American Television both grew 12.9 percent; Spanish-language TV increased 7.7 percent; and syndication TV grew 2.3 percent.
Network TV, however, was down 3.4 percent. Spot TV in smaller markets (No. 101 to 210) fared better than the larger markets, down 0.4 percent compared do a 3.8 percent decline.
Network radio, bucking the declining trends in the rest of the business, grew 10 percent, compared to spot radio, down 4.9 percent.

The newspaper business continues to be challenged. Local papers were down 5.4 percent and national papers were down 6.2 percent. In other areas, Outdoor’s growth moderated to 2.9 percent, and National magazines declined 1.3 percent.