Nielsen to Measure TV in Puerto Rico

Taking on the ratings service in Puerto Rico, Nielsen announced Monday (Dec. 7) it would launch local TV ratings for the market using people meters. The first ratings for the Nielsen service will be available by first quarter 2010.

Since 1988, the market has been measured by Kantar Media Research’s Mediafax, which also uses people meters in 550 households to measure the market.

Clients that have signed for Nielsen’s service include WKAQ-TV, NBC Universal’s owned-and-operated Telemundo station; WLII-TV, Univision’s owned-and-operated station; and WAPA-TV, Intermedia’s independent station.

“Nielsen has the global expertise and knowledge in sampling to ensure this new TV ratings system will be a more accurate representation that we’ve had in the past,” said Hilary Hattler, president and general manager of WKAQ-TV.

Nielsen has already begun to recruit its 500-home sample, which will be placed using the company’s random area probably sampling techniques. Victor Vazquez, executive director of Nielsen, will manage Nielsen’s service.

Nielsen measures TV audiences in more than 30 countries. “This continues our efforts to provide advertisers across the globe with the most accurate and technologically advanced measurement systems available in order to assess their return on investment,” said Dave Thomas, president of global media client service for Nielsen.

Mediaweek is a unit of the Nielsen Co.