Nicorette Stages Costume Execudrama in U.K.

NEW YORK People-size cigarettes gather in an ominous boardroom and talk about how they can beat Nicorette in a U.K. television spot for the quit-smoking aid.

The 40-second commercial, via Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO in London, broke last month in the U.K. and was directed by David Shane of Hungry Man. In the ad, people dressed as cigarettes watch a video of a woman declining to smoke. An executive then yells at the tobacco cravings that they aren’t doing their job, thanks to Nicorette.

The spot was shot in June in a studio in Los Angeles. The boardroom was designed to be “colder and starker” than a typical wood-paneled executive enclave. In addition, Shane desaturated the film to give an “anemic pall” to the faces of the cravings, each of whom has smoke rising from the top of his or her cigarette costume.

The most difficult part of the two-day shoot was “just making sure we played the whole thing with a restrained hand. We didn’t want to get too silly with it,” Shane said. “We wanted this very dark undertone to it.”

Richard Morgan was the copywriter on the spot, and Simon Langley provided art direction.