Nick Offerman Silently Judges Those Who Can’t Repair Their Stuff in Ads for J-B Weld

He'll salvage your trash just to spite you

Throw out broken furniture at your own risk when Nick Offerman is around.
J-B Weld

What does Nick Offerman have to say about J-B Weld?

Nothing, actually. The pitchman, whose charmingly gruff voice can be found across a litany of ads lately, barely speaks in the epoxy brand’s first national campaign, created by TBWA\Chiat\Day New York.

Luckily, silence is golden. Relying mainly on physical comedy and some stellar facial acting, Offerman amusingly communicates that J-B Weld helps you fix broken stuff real good.

Each of three videos has the same set-up: the big guy comes across items discarded as trash and patches them up, then returns to rub it in the face of their previous owners.

In the first spot, the industrious one finds a rocking chair with a shattered leg, and literally rolls with it:

Next, Offerman exhibits terrific form on a repaired scooter, his beard and buttocks proudly thrust out in opposite directions:

Finally, at a patio cookout, the man gets a few lines, riffing about pork chops and digital thermometers:

It’s basically a one-joke campaign, but the gags work every time, because they’re extremely well-staged and intrinsic to the brand story.

“Nick is a well-known woodworker and longtime J-B Weld user, so this feels like the right brand for him to align himself with,” says TBWA\C\D creative chief Chris Beresford-Hill. “There wasn’t a conscious choice for Nick to be silent. But the idea of telling these stories in silence implies more scorn” both for and from the folks who tossed out the stuff in the first place.

Offerman, of course, is a marketing mainstay, memorably crooning in ads for Diageo, narrating spots for HomeAway, and giving guided tours of his pizza farm to tout healthy school lunches.

That’s not to say he’s always a talker. You might recall that he once kept his mouth shut for 45 minutes in a Lagavulin yule-long video, and it was like some kind of wonderful present beneath the tree.

For J-B Weld, his crafty persona and relative silence fit the pitch perfectly. (Ron Swanson, Offerman’s iconic Parks and Recreation character, savored quiet, solitude and versatile craftsmanship.)

And just in case you were wondering: “The items used on screen during Nick’s taunting were actually broken and repaired with J-B Weld,” says Beresford-Hill. “We were incredibly diligent about this, and logged before and after photos, and everything. We’re making a statement about the strength of this product, so we knew we couldn’t fake it.”

TBWA\Chiat\Day New York

CCO: Chris Beresford-Hill
ECDs: Ian Reichenthal, Guillermo Vega
HOP: John Doris
EP: Chris Klein
Dir Business Affairs: Theresa Maranzano
Senior Talent Manager: Eileen Sostre
Group Account Director: Megan Bowen
Account Director: Mark Donohue

Production Company: Biscuit
Director: Aaron Stoller
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
EP: Holly Vega
Producer: Kim Bradshaw
Director of Photography: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler

Editorial Company: MacKenzie Cutler
Editor: Ian MacKenzie
EP: Gina Pagano
Assistant Editor: Brandon Isralasky, Mike Leuis

Color: Co3
Colorist: Tim Masik
Senior Producer: Kevin Breheny

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