Nice Work, If You Can Get It

If Publicis S.A. chairman Maurice Lƒvy succeeds in his bid to stop True North Communications’ acquisition of Bozell, Kenyon, Jacobs & Eckhardt, top executives at BJK&E will have to postpone a rich payday.
Based on the recent TN share price of around $26, the deal would yield BJK&E president and chief executive officer Chuck Peebler Jr. (shown here) around $33 million in stock. Bozell Worldwide CEO David Bell would have stock worth around $15 million, chairman Leo-Arthur Kelmenson would have $10.5 million and Temerlin McClain president Dennis McClain $9.4 million.
Bozell chief financial officer Val Zammit and creative vice chairman Ron Anderson would each receive about $7.7 million, and Bozell media group president Mike Drexler would get $4.5 million.
Kelmenson’s deal allows him to become a consultant until 2005. He should be ready to retire at that point and enjoy his wealth–by then the longtime Chrysler pointman will be in his late 70s.
–Eric Garland