NFL’s Lowly St. Louis Rams Rush to Change

Campaign From Rodgers Townsend Heralds Team’s New Arrivals
CHICAGO-The St. Louis Rams were not among the National Football League’s elite teams last year. Quite the opposite, in fact.
Change was what St. Louis shop Rodgers Townsend decided it had to sell when it took over the team’s ad account, previously unassigned, earlier this year, following a review of several undisclosed local shops.
The resulting TV campaign highlights players the Rams have acquired in the off-season, with voiceovers from the athletes.
“The fact that management was making these moves was a message to this city that they wanted to win,” said Tom Townsend, partner and creative director at the agency. “The moves were received so hugely in this town, it was a reason to buy into something.”
Without a large budget-spending was well under $1 million-Rodgers Townsend used stock NFL footage of the Rams’ new players in action with their previous teams, necessitating an explanation in the copy.
Offensive lineman Adam Timmerman, shown blocking in an Indianapolis Colts uniform, talks about the reputation he built in the other towns he’s called home. In St. Louis, he says, “You’ll simply know me as Trent’s best friend”-a reference to new Rams quarterback Trent Green, picked up in the off-season from the Washington Redskins.
St. Louis native Green has his own commercial, telling viewers that “now that I’m a Ram, I’m home.”
The agency spiced up the stock footage by injecting brief moments of color and slowing things down so an individual play takes up an entire spot. The tag is, “It’s a rush.”
In addition to local TV, the team has secured time on St. Louis-area movie screen, where 60-second spots will be shown during previews.