Jimmy Johnson’s stylish ways are the focal point of a breaking TV spot for Fruit of the Loom’s ProPlayer division. The fastidious “JJ” opens the ad with the comment: “I’m not coming out of the locker room because I have nothing to wear.”
The ad, by Harris Drury Cohen in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., breaks next week and will air on Sports Channel during football games.
JJ’s assistant coach responds, “We just got new stuff” as he pulls out an array of jackets and shirts for his boss.
After Johnson slips on a jacket, the assistant offers the kicker: “Now JJ, about this hair
thing . . .” The head coach of the Miami Dolphins responds, “Don’t press your luck.”
“Your team, your style, your look” is the tagline of the spot.
“Coach Johnson is the perfect foil for humor, allowing us to display a wide range of ProPlayer’s fashions,” said co-creative director Mike Tesch. “He’s known for looking good even when he’s in the middle of the action, and that’s part of the personality of ProPlayer.”
–Nora FitzGerald