The Next Seinfeld

Adman, restaurateur, newspaperman, author—Jerry Della Femina, 67, has done it all—almost. For a man who’s played so many roles throughout his 40-year career, he has never (outside of a CNN studio) heard the call, “Lights! Camera! Action!” Until now. So turn off those Dawson’s Creek reruns. Jerry Della Femina is coming to your televisions, America!

He appears in the pilot episode of a show called RPM, playing an irascible record company exec who tends to storm into a room, point a lot (usually to signal his approval) and then storm out. RPM, which is said to be a genre-busting “pseudo-reality” show about rock ‘n’ roll bands, is directed by Nate Crooker and Brian Jackson, otherwise known as The Good Guys, independent producers who have worked on TV shows as well as ads for companies including Miller and AT&T.

“This could be the beginning of another career,” Della Femina muses. “Hey, Sydney Greenstreet, who was in Casablanca, started his movie career when he was in his 60s. And I’m definitely better looking than he was. Besides, I’ve been playing the part of an advertising guy for years, and my reviews have been pretty good.”

“Jerry has a little Marlon Brando in him,” Jackson says.

The show is reportedly being considered by a major music channel. Della Femina says he already plans to hold out for more money if it airs.