NEWS:Thompson Casts Greased Lightning in Sitcoms

Thompson & Co. breaks its first advertising for Greased Lightning today under the tagline, “Works better, costs less.”

The campaign from the Memphis, Tenn., shop includes three 30-second television commercials that will air on TNN and CMT. Thebudget is undisclosed. Media is handled in-house by parent company Wrenchhead Brands.

Thompson executive creative director Mark Robinson set up scenes reminiscent of situation comedies to distinguish the Dundee, Fla., client’s automotive additives from others in the category.

“Most of the time these kinds of spots show cars racing down the road followed by cuts to a product shot,” Robinson said. “We didn’t want to do what others were doing, showing a shiny car, so we used humor to highlight the issue of having an older car.”

Greased Lightning’s product line, consisting of 14 types of engine, transmission and fuel-system additives, are made for older cars. “We’re not aiming at guys who can rebuild their own engine, but atthe average Joe,” Robinson said.

In “Life Support,” a frustrated car owner attempts to resuscitate his dead engine with a defibrillator.

“Appointment” touts the company’s transmission treatment. A woman in a sedan inches along, seemingly stuck in traffic, until she screams at someone behind her: “Let’s move it back there. Mommy’s got an appointment.” The camera cuts to her husband and young son, pushing the car in the rain. The spot closes with the boy whining, “Are we there yet?”

A third spot, “Donor,” shows what happens when owners do not use an additive soon enough.

Greased Lightning products are sold in aftermarket automotive stores such as Advance Auto Parts and Discount Auto Parts.