Newspapers Continue Failing to Amaze

NEW YORK – The newspaper market continues to be slow. Although April softness in newspapers led to an improved June, some newspaper execs and reps said, the ongoing picture still is mixed. High activity from Xerox and AT&T is continuing. Pfizer is running a message campaign concerning health-care reform in major-market papers, and testing the ads in Peoria, Ill., and Tallahassee, Fla. ‘We are getting that message out extensively,’ said a spokeswoman, but she would not disclose spending levels. Real estate continues to be very soft. Auto classifieds are on the upswing, but factory and dealer association business is disappointing, said some. Volkswagen, however, is 30 markets deep on a multi-million-dollar buy to introduce the new Gulf and Jetta models, and some said auto was improving. June was fairly good for Gannett’s papers, said Shelly Lyons, president of Gannett National Newspaper Sales. ‘Retail was a little better than last year and classified was fairly strong because of the broad-based markets we have. National was pretty good,’ he said. Some hotter summer categories are business services and telecommunications, financial, the Baby Bells and cellular telephones.
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