New York's Stellar Coverage of the Craziest Election in History Makes It Magazine of the Year

The longest presidential campaign any of us can remember—with one of the most shocking outcomes, at least to the media—not only dominated our consciousness and conversation in 2016, it also had magazines producing some of their best work ever. New York magazine—which had a field day with Donald Trump, including its infamous cover of a particularly nasty-looking candidate with the word “LOSER” emblazoned across his face—takes Magazine of the Year in our annual Hot List, while The New Yorker—which also delivered numerous scoops, analysis and historic covers around the race for the White House—wins Hottest Thought Leader. Meanwhile, Time’s series of covers depicting Trump in a state of meltdown, were selected by our editors as Magazine Covers of the Year. Though special props go out to Rob Kardashian and his legion of social media followers for making his fiance Blac Chyna’s memorable turn on Paper magazine the winner of our Readers’ Choice Poll for best cover. Kardashian implored his fans to go to our site to vote for Chyna’s cover over those featuring his sisters—and vote they did.