For New York’s Fashion Week, which begins

For New York’s Fashion Week, which begins Sept. 9, fashionistas will be treated to a fake newspaper touting Elle Macpherson Intimates and Intimate Stories, a book that shows women in lingerie, heads out of the frame, with stories inspired by the photos written by artists including Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Elton John and Sandra Bernhard. The newspaper directs readers to, where they can download the complete stories. “We wanted to create news,” says Donna Glanvill, marketing director for the line. The Glue Society handled creative, while MindShare worked on media. “The idea for the book came from the word ‘intimate,'” says Gary Freedman, Glue Society creative director. “This year’s campaign is much more about the intimacy of the mind than a physical intimacy.”