It’s official: Prunes, the fruit of geriatric preference, are henceforth to be known as “dried plums.”

Last week the California Dried Plum Board launched radio and in-store shopping cart ads featuring the name change in a campaign created by The Richards Group in Dallas. The print ads state: “Snacks this good don’t just grow on trees. Oh wait. Yes they do.”

In a more humorous vein, two radio spots feature a survey taker trying to sound out reluctant participants on the subject of naturally sweet California Dried Plums. The respondees try everything fromgiving false answers and pretending to be space aliens to avoid admitting their love of thewrinkled food.

“People have told us that dried plums evoke a more positive ‘fresh fruit goodness’ image,” said CDPB executive director Richard Peterson in a statement. “They’ve said they’re more likely to eat dried plums than prunes.”

Richards is running the ads in test markets including Boston; Denver; Seattle, San Antonio; Birmingham, Ala.; and Portland, Ore.