New Whiz Kid on the block

Creative staffers at Foote, Cone & Belding in Chicago may want to watch their backs. A 15-year-old ad whiz from Fort Washington, Md., is quickly encroaching on their turf.

Paul Agustin, a 10th-grader (shown here), came up with an idea for a Snapple spot, which will air May 8 on the in-school network Channel One.

The ad features two teenagers trapped in a detention hall who are forced to plan their rendezvous via their Snapple bottles. They click the caps to send coded messages to each other.

Agustin, the winner of a national contest for high school students that pulled in 4,500 entries, won a $10,000 college scholarship and a trip to Los Angeles to see his idea realized as a 30-second TV spot.

High school students were invited to submit concepts for the ad through the Internet and the back of Snapple labels.

And where did Agustin’s brainstorm come from? ‘I would tap my Snapple lid until it drove my parents nuts,’ he said.

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