New Web Video Network Planned

NEW YORK Tremor Network said it would introduce a video advertising network following its acquisition of Dynadco, an in-stream video ad technology provider.

The in-stream network will offer Web publishers the video serving, content and ad sales, said Jason Glickman, CEO of New York-based Tremor Network, an ad network that runs campaigns on about 300 sites. Publishers using Dynadco’s Ad-inStream technology can choose to sell their own ads, or let Tremor sell on their behalf.

“The sweet spot is for sites that don’t have any idea how to use video,” he said.

The model Tremor is pursuing is similar, in many ways, to that of Brightcove, a Cambridge Mass.-based Web video start-up backed by AOL and IAC. Brightcove is distributing a platform that enables any Web publisher or content creator to easily put ad-supported Web video on their site.

Similarly, both Reuters and the Associated Press have begun video networks. The AP plans to offer its 6,500 members a video player and content, with Microsoft’s MSN handling ad sales. Reuters is testing a network that allows Web sites of any size to add Reuters video news to its venue and share in the ad revenue generated. Lightningcast, a Washington, D.C., video technology provider, is also constructing a Web video network for small to medium-size Web sites.

All the efforts are designed to bring Web video to smaller sites without the resources of the large portals and prominent Web publishers that currently dominate the growing Web video advertising market. This would in turn create more avenues for advertisers beyond the largest sites, Glickman said.

“As I talk to different people on the advertising side, what they’re saying is they don’t have a lot of options,” he said. “We bring option No. 5, the aggregated tail.”

Glickman said Tremor Networks has struck licensing deals with several content producers, representing news, sports and entertainment, although he declined to identify them.

For Web sites that do not produce their own video, this will encourage them to participate in the network, he said. “We’re using that content as a hook to build out our network,” Glickman added.