New Team One Spot Helps Lexus Let Down Its Hair

LOS ANGELES-Luxury automaker Lexus veers from its mature, sophisticated positioning toward a younger, hipper audience in a new image spot for the brand from Team One Advertising.
The TV ad, “Video Noise,” features a montage of futuristic images accompanied by rock music and the new tagline, “The future of Lexus is here.” The ad, which broke last week, features the GS, LS and RX models.
Lexus will introduce two new products next spring, the LX 470 and the RX 300, a sport utility vehicle. In February, in conjunction with its sponsorship of the Winter Olympics and the launch of the LX, Lexus will insert the LX into the LS segment of the ad.
“The market is a little fickle right now,” explained Tom Cordner, co-chairman and executive creative director at Team One. “People are in search of a brand of car, and they’re experimenting more, and you want to grab their attention. At one point, they had an impression of Lexus, and we’re a totally different company now in terms of attitude.
“This was an opportunity to say to the world, ‘Here is a new Lexus,'” Cordner added. “We are reaching down to a younger, hipper audience in an attempt to attract buyers we had previously not connected with.”
The new approach is consistent with that embraced by two Lexus competitors, Mercedes and BMW. These two companies have led the way this year in developing a strategy of targeting their ad messages toward a younger audience.