New Target for Lincoln Financial

After three years of targeting well-to-do consumers, Lincoln Financial turns its attention to brokers and other financial advisors in a new print campaign from Martin/Williams.

“We found that a lot of intermediaries didn’t know Lincoln very well,” said Diane Ridgeway-Cross, an account supervisor at the Minneapolis shop. “It became apparent that we needed to do an effort targeted toward them.”

The campaign for the Philadelphia-based bank, which breaks April 26 in The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, appeals to the broker’s ego and sense of responsibility to clients.

One execution shows a broker on the phone with a hand-drawn cape on his back. “A product for every need. An answer for every question. A way for every financial advisor to be a hero,” reads the headline.

Another shows a broker with a hand-drawn halo over her head and the headline, “Offer a full-range of customized financial solutions and suddenly you look good. Really good.”

Ridgeway-Cross said, “It’s about doing anything we can to make the intermediary look like a hero. The intermediary really has the power, and their clients trust them.”

The work comes after Lincoln restructured its operations so that a broker only has to deal with one contact at the bank to get anything he needs, Ridgeway-Cross said.

“It’s a perfect time [for a business-to-business campaign] because they’ve built a new infrastructure to serve the intermediary,” she said.

The campaign continues Lincoln’s 3-year-old tagline, which has been ap pearing in the com pany’s consumer ads, “Clear solutions in a complex world.”

Lincoln will continue to run its consumer ads targeting well-off professionals. The most recent TV spot told the story of a doctor who dedicated her retirement to offering healthcare in Third World countries.

Lincoln Financial spends an average of $20 million on advertising a year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Billings for the business-to-business campaign were not disclosed.