New Tagline for BBDO’s Overseas Pepsi Campaign

BBDO is breaking a branding campaign for Pepsi-Cola International outside the U.S.–with a new tagline, “Ask for more”–in a collaboration of multiple offices.
A pool of TV spots, with two starring Janet Jackson, reflect the idea that, globally, youngsters are living in a fast-changing world.
“A great many emerging nations are peopled with teens coming into their own and enjoying newfound freedom,” said Phil Dusenberry, chairman of BBDO here. “‘Ask for more’ is appropriate to this mindset.” The New York office took the lead on the ads with Jackson.
Other spots, which employ humor, were spearheaded by CLM/ BBDO in Paris with help from New York and S‹o Paulo, among others [Adweek, Sept 28, 1998].
One spot shows a climber on Mount Everest. Upon finding that many have also been there, he plants a ladder on the summit and climbs it too.
“Humor doesn’t always translate, but this spot has crossed borders,” said Massimo d’Amore, head of Pepsi’s international marketing. “Using a number of agencies has enriched the work.”
BBDO here is developing a separate spring campaign for a U.S. launch, but declined comment on that work. Previous work used the “Generation Next” theme.