New Spot for Coke Airs

By Stephen Levine

NEW YORK–Cliff Freeman and Partners moves from the offbeat to the romantic in its latest work for Coca-Cola’s Cherry Coke.

A new TV commercial called ‘Faxing,’ which broke recently in the New York metropolitan area, features a man who asks out a woman in a most unusual way.

Positioning himself on a photocopy machine, the man photocopies himself and faxes the results to the woman. No words are spoken, but sexy, intriguing background music plays throughout.

By the time this 30-second soap opera ends it is clear the young man has made an impression as the woman admires the life-sized mosaic of him pinned to a wall. The tagline is: ‘Do something different.’

While the tagline is the same, the spot is a departure from the agency’s last spot for Cherry Coke, ‘Ostrich,’ which broke last year and featured a teenager careening though a Macy’s department store astride a giant bird.

A representative for Coke in Atlanta said the new spot meshes well with Cherry Coke’s ad positioning and target market.

The characters in the ad are ‘teenagers who thrive on being different because they value individuality in themselves,’ said Coca-Cola representative Kari Bjorhus.

Coke has not yet decided if it will air the new spot nationally, Bjorhus said. The spot was directed by Kier McFarlane of Propaganda Films and shot in Brooklyn, New York. The ad is unaccompanied by other executions.

Cliff Freeman executives declined comment on the new work.

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