New Planner at Griffin Bacal

In a bid to strengthen its family marketing expertise, Griffin Bacal has named research veteran Joan Chiaramonte director of strategic planning.
Agency president Paul Kurnit hired Chiaramonte, who most recently served as vice president in Roper Starch Worldwide’s syn-dicated services division. At that post, she headed the Roper Youth Report, a nationwide survey of 1,200 children and teens.
When Griffin Bacal sought to fill its vacant planning position, Kurnit said he thought of Chiarmonte, whom he knew from youth-marketing conferences. “We had always been so much of a mind together.”
Chiarmonte served as manager of media systems and operations at DDB Worldwide in the 1980s and said she wanted to return to advertising “to get closer to the action.” She was drawn to Griffin Bacal’s family marketing focus: “Family game night resonated with me,” she said, referring to the shop’s year-old campaign for Hasbro board games.
Kurnit said Chiaramonte “is regarded as a pre-eminent researcher” and will “really step us up” in clients’ eyes. Since arriving at the agency in July, Chiaramonte has sat in on all of its pitches.
Chiaramonte hopes her expertise will put a family spin on products for grown-ups: “A lot of traditional adult businesses are looking to establish their name with kids because brand loyalty starts so young. Even if we’re not marketing directly to kids, we’re trying to know what’s going on with them It’s hard to start a relationship with someone when they’re 18.”
She cited Rubin Postaer and Associates’ ads for the Honda Odyssey minivan, in which lawyers argue for family members, as an example.