NEW YORK–Thought you’d seen the last of Ross Perot? Think again." data-categories = "" data-popup = "" data-ads = "Yes" data-company = "[]" data-outstream = "yes" data-auth = "" >

New Perot group gets ready to roll: supporters seek buying firm for direct response campaign By Richard Brunell

NEW YORK–Thought you’d seen the last of Ross Perot? Think again.

Supporters of the iconoclast Texan have quietly contacted four agencies and buying services around the country about handling a direct response TV campaign that will introduce a membership drive for Perot’s new citizen’s group, United We Stand America.
Among those contacted by Perot’s handlers are Temerlin McClain/Dallas and SMY Media/ Chicago. Temerlin McClain planned and bought media for Perot’s unconventional presidential bid last year while SMY has handled media for a number of politicians including, Illinois Democrat Carol-Moseley–Braun, the first, black woman in the Senate.
SMY executives would not comment on the direct response campaign,’but a Temerlin McClain executive said the agency opted against handling the business. “They felt a loyalty to us to give us the first crack,” the exec said. “Our turning it down had nothing to do with there being a rift. It’s just that political advertising is not our main thing.”
United We Stand America spokeswoman Sharon Holman said the group has produced several 60-second spots, starring Perot, that include an 800 telephone number for people interested in joining.
Holman would not reveal details of the campaign, which breaks in the first quarter, or its media budget. She did say that no media time has been purchased yet.
As with Perot’s presidential campaign, television talk shows will play a key role in the membership drive for UWSA. Holman said Perot will appear tonight on Larry King Live and tomorrow on ABC’s Good Morning America. He also may appear Thursday on NBC’s Today Show.
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